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Are Spring-Return Actuators Better Than Pneumatic Ones?

Did you know that there are types of valves that require you to use one of two types of actuators for it to work? The Pneumatic and Spring Return are the two types of actuators that you can actually use. Both of these actuators can be used for the motor to move and control the mechanism or a system. But there is no doubt that between these two types of actuators, there is a better one and that is the Spring-Return Actuators.

You should also remember that every valve requires a means of an operation via cycling or what we call actuation. These actuators can automate valves so that there is no human interaction with the valve package is necessary to cycle the valve and that they can be remotely operated and acts as a shutdown mechanism in an emergency that would surely be dangerous for human intervention. Furthermore, an actuator is a control mechanism that is operated by an energy source and that energy is a pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric current that moves the internal mechanical parts of the actuator.

Spring-Return Actuators is one of the most common actuators that you can use and buy in the market and this one is the frequently go-to choose for use in facilitating operation in various types of machines and some other industrial mechanisms. This actuator allows the ability to remotely control a device and this is often required to adhere to safety standards compared to the Pneumatic ones because this actuator tends to be more powerful and that it only provides powered stroke and that the actuator will only give you lower energy.

Even if the Pneumatic actuators can also be common in the market, the spring return actuators can be more helpful and they are easier to use actuators. Besides, this type of actuator – spring-return has more power in its direction of working range compared to pneumatic ones. Also, this actuator uses a spring force that moves the valves in their position either it is to open or close.

Here are some of the advantages of why spring return actuators are better than pneumatic ones.

  • Spring actuators have liquid or air supplied to only one side of the piston and the energy of it can move the mechanisms that come from a spring on the opposite side. The configuration of it uses a pneumatic or even a hydraulic pressure of the liquid or air to open or close the valve and that a spring affects the opposite motion.
  • The spring actuators are lightweight and compact that is why there are a lot of people use this kind of actuators for their valves.
  • The spring has no adjustment needed and that results in being so easy to use.
  • The costly cast components of these actuators are not needed.
  • They are inherent fail-safe action and has no dynamic stem seals or traditional stem connector block needed.
  • Besides, this actuator is designed that includes integral accessories.